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  • CONGRATULATIONS Grant Lyons, April Iachetta, and Adam Werth, David Ermer for passing S&T. They are now Alpine Patrollers.
    CONGRATULATIONS Adam Dwyer for passing S&T!!
    CONGRATULATIONS Mike Wangler for Passing Sr OEC. He will be a full Senior when his electives are complete.

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Patrol Room

Patrol Representative
Marie Osypian
Email Marie
3031, 3032

Swain Resort

P.O. Box 44
Swain, NY 14884-0044

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Swain Resort

National Ski Patrol

Since 1938, the non-for-profit National Ski Patrol has dedicated itself to - and has become the preeminent authority on - serving the public and outdoor recreation industry by providing education and credentialing to emergency care and safety services providers.

How do I become a Swain Ski Patroller
  1. First download, complete and submit a Membership Application.
  2. Download and read this example of a Out Door Emergency Care (OEC) training schedule.
  3. Download and read this example of a letter to the OEC candidates to learn more about the role of a candidate.
  4. If you still have questions email the Membership Coordinator (Deb Goodwin) for more information.